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Our websites are built on our own powerful yet easy to use content management system, which allows you to take full control of your site.

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Easy to use editing tools

Edit pages quickly and easily using familiar tools to change the look and style of the text.

Create an unlimited number of pages for you site and edit them time and time again without restriction.

Pages can be renamed, published, and even deleted in a straightforward way.


Upload photos whilst editing

Quickly add images to a page whilst editing to make your site more visually appealing.

There is no restriction on the number of files or images you upload, and you can add as many images as to like to a page.


Contact form

Encourage interaction from site visitors by letting them send you messages directly through a contact form.

You can allow the user to select message categories and set the message to be delivered to different email addresses accordingly.

Prevent unwanted spam by making users fill in a quick CAPTCHA before sending.

Add additional users to the site

You can give individual user accounts to anyone who needs to edit or maintain part of your site.

Assign users to groups to allow different editing permissions and access, and create custom groups for more advanced control.

You can create an unlimited number of user accounts so no one has to share a username and password.

Instant photo galleries

Upload whole folders of images at once and let our system produce an interactive gallery that lets viewers enlarge then move between photos with arrow keys.

Add captions and change the order of photos by dragging and dropping them.

Make an unlimited number of galleries and easily place each gallery into ordinary site pages if you wish.

Click on one of these photos to try it out!


Interactive maps

Add Google Maps widgets to pages in an instant.

Just choose the initial map location and zoom level and our system does the rest, seamlessly integrating the map into the page for you.


Plugins and widgets

Make you site media rich with our selection of widgets, making it possible to add YouTube videos, Twitter feeds and Google Calendars without trouble, as well as photo galleries and Google Maps.

Also our plugins make it easy to integrate Google Analytics or a Google Custom Search into the site without any knowledge of HTML code — just follow simple instructions to find your Analytics or Custom Search ID and our system does the rest.

Page revisions

Ever accidentally deleted or saved over content without realising? In our system old copies of each page are saved, stored and accessible to users with editing permissions. If you realise you've made a mistake you can easily revert to an earlier version of the page, or just copy some text from a previous revision to put back into the current page.

You can also see exactly what was added and what was deleted in each page revision, and which user performed the edit.

And much, much more

If you're interested in what our system has to offer or have any questions out our system please get in touch. You may want to check out our frequently asked questions page too to see if your query has already been answered there.

If you think there's a particular feature we haven't mentioned here that you'd want on your site, don't worry: it may already exist on our system (just isn't described on this page), or otherwise we'd be happy to create it for you. Have a look at the 'Extras' section of our pricing page which explains more.

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