Design costs

This is the initial cost of getting your website online.

This includes everything you'll need for your first year online, including hosting and system support.

Yearly costs

This includes hosting and support from us, and may include your domain name.

You won't pay any of these costs until your site's been online for a year.


Some sites require custom built plugins for additional functionality.

We can write brand new features and extensions to allow your site to function to the maximum.


Design costs

Every project has slightly different design costs depending on the site's requirements.

This cost covers not only the site design, but also the site's first year of hosting and support as well as a domain name if required. We're also happy to set up all the pages you want for site launch to help you get started.

Estimate for small to medium sized website
When you get in touch and we've discussed your site aims, we'll be able to give you an individual quote. This estimate includes:
  • A website design that you're happy with
  • Your site set up with the pages you want for launch
  • All the main features included with our content management system learn more >>

Occasionally some sites may require special plugins and features that we can create - these are costed separately, see the extras section of this page.

Yearly costs

Every site pays a fixed yearly hosting and support cost — we don't charge per page, user or for each update.

This includes updates to our content management system so you're always using the latest version, and means you don't need to worry about managing a server for your site. We'll also provide technical support to site users by email or through our support ticket system whenever required, for free.

Additionally, prices for popular domain names are shown below. Buying your domain through us means we'll manage it for you and save you the hassle.

£85Hosting and support
This fee covers everything except your domain name, and is fixed for at least three years

£15Domains and

£20Domains .com and .org

Other extras

Every site is different, and some sites will need features that don't yet exist on our platform.

It's not unusual for us to write individually tailored plugins for new sites. If you think your site will benefit from an specific feature - be it an online car showroom or a social media plugin - then mention it when getting in touch. It may be that we've already written a plugin to do the trick, or can make minor adjustments to an existing feature. But if we haven't, we're happy to discuss the possibility of writing a new system plugin.

If we create a plugin for you it will be custom made to the requirements you've given, and once written we can still develop it until it meets a specification you're happy with.

Pricing this kind of development depends on how much work is involved (how complicated it is!), and whether we think other sites could benefit from a similar plugin in the future.

Please don't feel afraid to ask about new features by getting in touch - don't forget we may already have something that will do the job anyway!

Small print: Design cost is an estimate that reflects our standard quoted price. Simple sites will be cheaper and those requiring more complex features may be more expensive. Yearly domain prices are subject to change in the unlikely event that our supplier increases domain pricing. We may re-evaluate our fixed yearly hosting and support fee in the future, but sites are guaranteed the price quoted at time of purchase for at least 3 years from site launch (i.e. for the payments at the beginning of years 2 and 3), and we always aim to honour the original fee quoted after this period even if new customers are given a higher figure for new websites.

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